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Breanna Greigo-Schmitt

Breanna Griego-SchmittBreanna S. Griego-Schmitt is a PhD Candidate in Early Modern European history. Her dissertation explores the construction of sovereignty and the use of violence as a rite of power during the Dutch Revolt. She is currently finishing a chapter on the establishment of religious networks and political alliances in the Low Countries during the reign of Charles V. Breanna is traveling to Belgium this December to complete dissertation research at the archives in Brussels, Antwerp, and Leuven after receiving a generous grant from UNM. She has also completed research in Chicago, Washington, DC where she served as a Junior Fellow at the Library of Congress, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Amsterdam, Leiden, and The Hague. In addition to her work with the History department, Breanna works as an Interdepartmental Teaching Assistant for the UNM English department. She helped launch the Stretch Composition Pilot program, teaches most Core Writing courses, and is especially proud of her personally designed course "Monster Theory and the Zombie in Popular Culture." In her spare time, Breanna works as the Director of Dance Program Development at Dimensions School of Dance and Music, and also coaches an elite senior all-star dance team. She enjoys spending time with her husband, her two dogs, and her cat.