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Melissa Valenzuela

Melissa ValenzuelaMelissa Valenzuela is an undergraduate at UNM working on her bachelor’s degree in European Studies with a minor in Medieval Studies.   She really loves learning about history from both the Classical and Medieval times.  She studies both Latin and Old English and hopes to study Old Norse somewhere down the line.  After taking a Viking Mythology course in her freshman year, her main area of interest has gravitated towards Norse Mythology.  She writes, “Something I find intriguing is the perceptive nature people have regarding certain things. When giants (or giantesses) are brought up there are some common themes and stereotypes that people have come to associate them with. Within Norse Mythology giants and giantesses play several roles that vary quite differently.  While there are the typical stupid and hideous giants, there are also beautiful ones that are helpful to the Gods.”  In this paper she seeks to show the multifunctional characteristics that are reflected in the giantesses in the frame of the Norse realm.